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Streator Township

High School

English 4

English 4

This senior English Class is based on IVCC's O900 course spread out over two semesters. 

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English 4
Second Semester
English 4 Semester Two
Course Description and Policies
Theme: “Who do I Want to Be?”
Instructor: Mr. Astle

Course Description:
In this partially independent study course, students will work together at the beginning of the course to review research fundamentals. The research unit emphasizes the prewriting, researching, note-taking, drafting, and revising of a research essay. Students will also read a novel, study a Shakespearean play, and actively watch two movies based on Shakespearean comedies. In addition to the research essay, students will also write journals at various times throughout the semester.

Tentative Course Syllabus:
Week 1-2 Introduction to the Course with a brief researched journal entry; Review MLA
Weeks 3-8 Research Unit with expository research essay and journal
Weeks 9-14 Macbeth Unit with two journal entries and an investigative essay.
Weeks 15-18 Film Unit and end of career project or e?ssay.

You will need the following materials each day for this class:
  • Writing utensils

  • One notebook to be used ONLY for this class with your name, my name, and the hour written in the upper Left hand corner of the front cover. You will keep class notes, homework, and independent study work in this notebook. A notebook with several pockets is highly recommended.

  • Glencoe’s British Literature