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Streator Township

High School

Sophomores (2024)

Sophomores - Class of 2022

Tips for the Class of 2022!
  •  Be aware of how many credits you have and what you will need for graduation.  Start thinking about what options could be available to you your senior year as you discuss your credits (Early Graduation, Work Program, Transfer Academy, Job Shadowing, CEO Program).
  • Consider getting involved in extracurriculars and volunteer experiences if you aren’t already involved.  These involvements can help you gain new friendships, develop your interests, develop new skills, and help you stand out on college applications.  Consider a job outside of school.  Talk to your counselor if you will need a work permit.
  • It’s never too early to start considering colleges.  Consider taking a college visit over the summer or during school breaks.
  • Attend IVCC campus events.
  • Check out the Career Fair when it comes to the school during lunchtime.
  • Ask Military Recruiters questions when they visit the school.
  • PSAT will take place in April.  Khan Academy is a great resource to help prepare for the test.
  • Consider the classes that will challenge you, as well as classes that help you towards your post-secondary goals.  Start learning about AP courses and dual credit class options.