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Streator Township

High School

Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements

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 It's a great day to have a great day!
                   Go Bulldogs! 

Bell Schedule

Block Scheduling for A/B Days

Commons Open 7:30 - 8:00

Hallways Open  7:40 - 8:00

1st Hour            8:00 - 9:19 

2nd Hour          9:24 - 10:43
3a *       Lunch 10:43 -11:13
       Study Hall 11:18- 12:13
3b *Study Hall 10:48 - 11:13
        Lunch     11:13 - 11:43
      Study Hall 11:48 - 12:13
3c *Study Hall 10:48 - 11:43
       Lunch        11:43-12:13
4th Hour           12:18 - 1:37
5th Hour            1:42 - 3:00
OP Hours  
Monday - Friday 
 LMC                    7:30-7:55
Dance Room         Lunch Hrs
Tuesday -  Friday 
LMC                     3:05-3:35

Thought for the week..


Calendar Items Subject to Change

Sports and Activities

5/21 Saturday
10AM Softball G V vs East Peoria High School (A) East Peoria
10AM Baseball B S vs Morris Community High School (H) SHS Baseball Field
6PM Key Club Banquet 
5/22 Sunday
2PM Graduation- Pops Dale Gym 
5/23 Monday
4:30PM Cheer Try Outs
5/24 Tuesday
6:30 Softball G V vs Geneseo High School -IHSA Regional (A) Geneseo
5/25 Wednesday
8AM A Schedule Exams 1,2,3,4 and 5
6:30PM Baseball B V vs Geneseo High School -IHSA Regional (A) Galesburg 
5/26 Thursday
8AM B Schedule Exams 1,2,3.4 and 5
5/27 Friday
8AM Exam Make-Ups
Teachers Institute


The school days starts at 8:00 am starting 11.08.21
Main doors open at 7:30 am - breakfast will be served
You can move into the building starting at 7:40 am
Everyone will have a lunch and study hall during 3rd hour
Passing periods are now 5 minutes. 
Lockers may again be used during the school day
The Commons will be used for in-person breakfast and lunch
Only 4 people will be allowed to eat at each table - chairs spaced out 3 feet
Masks must be worn at all times during lunch EXCEPT when seated to eat

*The Courtyard outside from the LMC will be open Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for students to eat sack lunches.

*You may not exit the building via the doors leading from the main gym to the parking lot in between the buildings. Also, please stay off the gym floor when cutting through the gym at anytime during the day. Thank you for your cooperation.


-Dean of Students


Things to remember!

 * Bulldog Pantry is up and running for the school year. If a student could use food for meals or snacks at home for evenings or weekends, hygiene items, or even school supply items this is the place for you. Visit weekly or as needed. Items are free of charge. Any of  following people can arrange for you to grab items needed.
Mrs. Mascal ([email protected])Mr. Brittin ([email protected])Mr. Doty ([email protected])Mr. McGurk ([email protected])Ms. Phelan ([email protected])Mrs. Lane ([email protected])Mrs. Haun ([email protected])
Ms. Dorton ([email protected])

*There are clear back packs available for sale in the Main Office for $5. These are approved to be carried with you throughout the day to carry necessary items.


Information For All Students

 *It is your responsibility to check your email EVERY DAY. Please open and read ALL emails that you receive! Not just the ones for your friends! All discipline 
and attendance issues are communicated to you through your school email, as well as any other pertinent information.  
 *If you are going to be leaving for an appointment or any other reason during a school day, your parent or guardian needs to call the STHS Attendance Office to arrange for you to get a Leave Permit.  1-815-672-0545, extension 590.
 *Lost and Found is located in the Main Office. If you find a lost item please turn it into the Main Office so it can find it's owner! As well as if you have lost an item, please check for it in the Main Office. When custodians find any unattended items lying around the building they take it to the lost and found.