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Streator Township

High School

Library Media Center

Library Media Center

SHS Library Media Center
LMC HOURS 7:30am-3:30pm

Mr. Aubry, Library Media Specialist
Use the CARD CATALOG to find books and materials and now find ebooks!!

NEW:  SEARCH for ebooks in FOLLET eSHELF in the card catalog!


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Note the login and password information listed.

Research and General Information Databases:
EBSCO Host  provides access to a wide variety of peer-reviewed professional educational journals along with many other sources. Click here for a brief "Prezi" on how to use EBSCO.  Login and select the databases you need.  User s8596536 Password password
SIRS Knowledge Source A comprehensive portal offering centralized access to all SIRS products with best-of content selected to support research, study, and homework in key curricula subjects. Click on the "My Products Page":  My Products Page
SIRS Issues Researcher General reference database containing thousands of full-text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, business, economic, political and global issues. Click on the "My Products Page": My Products Page
SIRS WebSelect offers Internet resources from around the globe, including those of leading universities, government agencies and respected organizations.  Click on the "My Products Page": My Products Page
ProQuest Learning: Literature A comprehensive resource including 3,000+ author biographies; 40 searchable full-text literature journals; full-text literary works; and other key criticism and reference sources.   Click on the "My Products Page": My Products Page
ABC CLIO - World History: Modern Database features eras from 1500 AD through the present.  User  streator  Password library
ABC - CLIO - The World Geography Database focuses on the geographic, political, social, economic, and cultural forces that influence our world and includes CLIOView comparison tool.
ABC - CLIO - American History Database covers eras in U.S. history from the discovery of the country to the present day.
ABC - CLIO - The Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society database focuses on controversial issues—with authoritative historical context, expert perspectives, and carefully selected primary and secondary sources covering 150 of today's most significant social issues, with access to 7,000 articles and 4,500 multimedia primary sources.
Careeer and Job Readiness Databases:
Careers Internet Database
vocational and job information to help in searching for the perfect career.
Login: 386w Pw: future
Illinois One Source for Careers and Jobs via the State of Illinois - search for jobs and careers.
Use the Illinois resident login: Find the drop down menu, click on Streator then type in zip code 61364. Continue and then create your own My CIS Portfolio and choose your own username and password.
Illinois WorkNet!
State of Illinois jobs and career center. Search for training, jobs and careers. CREATE your own FREE ACCOUNT
META SEARCH ENGINES - These send your search terms through several search engines at once: