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Streator Township

High School

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

SHS Depression and Suicide Prevention Plan

Youth suicide impacts the safety of the school environment. It also affects the school community, diminishing the ability of surviving students to learn and the school's ability to educate. Suicide and depression awareness and prevention are important to the the well being of Streator HIgh School.  Streator High has protocols for administering youth suicide awareness and prevention education to students and staff. 

These awareness and prevention programs include curriculum in the required Health Program, inclusion in the SEL monthly topics, training for faculty and staff on signs of suicidal ideation, how to approach a student and how to access services for the student at risk of suicide.  All Certified Teachers have received Mental Health First Aide Training.

To request support at school, a parent, peer or the student themselves can contact a guidance counselor or social worker if you have any concerns over the safety of a student.  

If school is not in session contact:  

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24 hours a day at 1-800-273-8255 you can call or text.

 If there is imminent risk please contact 911. 

Where to Get NonEmergency Counseling Support

If you are seeking noncrisis Mental Health Services, there are various counseling agencies locally. Please contact your insurance or local doctor for a referral. However, if you want to explore options, please make contact with any of the following resources. This list is not inclusive of all services in our area.

School Contacts

If reporting concerns during the school day, please make contact with someone via phone or in person. Please contact any of the following staff to address your concerns. 

All Staff can be reached at 815-672-0545.

School Counselors
Brad Brittin (A-D & R-Z): Ext. 516
Kaylee Haun (E-Q): Ext. 515

School Social Workers
Debbie Lane: Ext. 530
Carol Phelan: Ext. 507