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Streator Township

High School



Streator Township High School will have E-learning days beginning Monday, March 16th.

Students need to log into their Chromebooks and their school email no later than 9am on Monday, March 16th.  If you have connectivity problems please call SHS at 815-672-0545 to report it.  

All activities and sports, including practices and events, are cancelled between March 16th and March 30th.

We will allow students to come to the building Monday between 8am and 11am to pick up belongings that they forgot or were not able to take home today.

Unless we have further information from the state, we will plan to return to normal operations on Tuesday, March 31st.  

We will be offering lunch and breakfast.  Please watch your student emails and social media for more information related to this.

Points of clarification:

*  Streator High School's E-learning begins MONDAY, March 16th.  We are aware that the governor mandated schools closing as of Tuesday, but we made the decision based on what we feel is best for students (and since we feel we are very prepared for this) to start our E-learning right away.

*  My original email stated that you needed to check in on E-learning days beginning at 9am.  I want to clarify that you DO NOT need to check in by 9am, but you MUST check in sometime between 9am and 2pm in order for your teachers to take attendance and to be marked present .  You must do this at least once daily while we are in E-learning days.  

*  You DO NOT need to remain logged in the entire time from 9am through 2pm.

*  Your teachers will communicate with you regarding due dates of assignments during E-learning. Just like a regular school day assignment, some will take 20 minutes, some will go over a couple of days, some projects may go over a week.  As long as you check in every day, you will be marked present.  Your teachers will determine various due dates.  

*  E-learning days are still work days for teachers and students.  Your teachers, although working from home, will be available via e-mail from 9am through 2pm.  

*  School administration (Mrs. Mascal, Dr. Seaton, Mr. McGurk, Mr. Doty) work at Streator High School, in the building, during E-learning days, so you can always reach out to one of us via email or calling the school.  

*  If you need a charger or items from school in the case you were absent Friday or just plain forgot, you may come to SHS Monday between the hours of 8am-11am to obtain your personal belongings as the staff will be there at that time.

*  If you feel you have everything you need already at home, you DO NOT need to report back to school at all until Tuesday, March 31st.  

*  We are working on a plan to continue getting your free breakfasts and lunches to you during this time of E-learning.  I will have more details for that in the next couple of days.  We know that we will not be serving breakfasts Monday morning, but do believe that we will be able to get your Monday lunches to you for those needing them, as well as Tuesday's breakfast.  More details to come on this point.  

I know that is a lot, and I know there will be more questions.  We are all in this together, so please continue to reach out to me with your questions and I will do my very best to answer everything for you quickly.