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Streator Township

High School

Worthy Hall of Fame

Dr. Worthy Streator Hall of Fame Members (in alphabetical order)

Elmer Blasco, "Gold Glove" Creator; STHS Class of 1938; WHOF Class 2016
Burton Baskin, Ice Cream Entrepreneur; STHS Class of 1931; WHOF Class 2012
Dr. Edna Bazik, Educator, Mathematics Curriculum Expert; STHS Class of 1956;  WHOF Class 2017
Kevin Bean, Well-known and respected San Francisco Artist; Lecturer in Painting and Drawing at Stanford University; participant in both solo and group exhibitions; STHS Class of 1975; WHOF Class 2019
Rev. Mark Brown, Humanitarian and Human Rights Advocate for The Lutheran Church in the Middle East; Member of The Lutheran World Foundation; Faithfulness in Ministry of the Cross awardee in 2008; Senior Advisor for advocacy and fundraising for Middle East/Jerusalem for LWF World Service; STHS Class of 1974; WHOF Class 2019
Kevin Chalfant, Vocal Artist; STHS Class of 1973; WHOF Class 2012
Doug Dieken, NFL Player; STHS Class of 1967; WHOF Class 2012
Dan Dobberpuhl, Semiconductor Innovator; STHS Class of 1963; WHOF Class 2013
Doriot Anthony Dwyer, Boston Symphony Flutist; STHS Class of 1939; WHOF Class 2014
Robert O. Endres,  Radio City Hall Projectionist; STHS Class of 1957; WHOF Class 2015
Laura Ettema, USDA Agricultural Products Expert & Inspector; STHS Class of 1984; WHOF Class 2017
Dr. Michael Freehill, Leading Orthopedic Surgeon; STHS Class of 1985; WHOF Class 2018
Dr. Gerald Gutek, Author; Professor Emeritus of educational policy studies, Loyola University, Chicago; STHS Class of 1953; WHOF Class 2019
Dr. Ralph Harbach, Author; Leading research entomologist London Natural History Museum - emphasis - medical entomology of malaria; STHS Class of 1967; WHOF Class 2019 
Bruce Hart, Streator Businessman & Avid Community Supporter; STHS Class of 1956; WHOF Class 2016
Lt. Gen. Richard Henry, Military Commander; STHS Class of 1943; WHOF Class 2013
Nancy Hepner, Educator & Dance Instuctor; STHS Class of 1970; WHOF Class 2013l
Dr. Gerald D. Jaynes, A. Whitney Griswold Professor of Economics, African American and Urban Studies, Yale University; STHS Class of 1965; WHOF Class of 2013
Dr. William L. Jungers, Author, Professor & Anthropologist; STHS Class of 1966; WHOF Class of 2013
Larry Lampson, Businessman & Philanthropist; STHS Class of 1954; WHOF Class 2016
Aaron Mahnke, Author, Podcaster & Producer of TV Series "Lore"; STHS Class of 1993; WHOF Class 2018
James McMullen, Panther Researcher & Author; STHS Class of 1961; WHOF Class 2012
Dr. Jerry Missel, Psychiatric Specialist & Philanthropist; STHS Class of 1957;  WHOF Class 2018
James Moynihan, Architect; National and International expert on improved job safety and construction risk management; Atlanta youth supporter through philanthropy; STHS Class of 1962; WHOF Class 2019 
Clarence E. Mulford, Hopalong Cassidy Author; STHS Class of 1901; WHOF Class 2012
Dr. Daniel J. Nagle, Orthopedic Surgeon; STHS Class of 1967; WHOF 2012
Jack Noonan, IBM Systems Development and Field Engineer; CEO SPSS, software company specializing in predictive analytics; Advisory Member of Morningstar, Inc.; Philanthropist; STHS Class of 1965; WHOF Class 2019
Tony Obrohta, Musician & Guitarist; STHS Class of 1987; WHOF Class 2012
CPL Joseph Panno, Community Supporter & Legion of Honor Military Awardee; STHS Class of 1939; WHOF Class 2015
Mark Panno, Former STHS Administrator, Community Volunteer; STHS Foundation Board Member; STHS Class of 1969;  WHOF Class 2018
Edward H. Plumb, Disney Composer and Conductor; STHS Class of 1925; WHOF Class 2012
Julie Ramza, Local Pharmacist, Community Supporter and Volunteer; STHS Class of 1969; WHOF Class 2017
John B. Reynolds, Author; STHS Class of 1972; WHOF Class 2012
Tom Rice, Former Streator Elementary School Band Director, STHS Band Volunteer Director, STHS Class of 1954; WHOF Class 2018
Dr. William C. Schiffbauer, Local Physician, Founder of STHS Scholastic Bowl; Community Supporter; STHS Class of 1943; STHS WHOF Class 2015
Dr. Susan Schmitt, Streator Veterinarian, Streator Community Supporter and Volunteer; STHS Class of 1972; WHOF Class 2017
Carl W. Soderstrom, Lawyer & Politician; STHS Class of 1932; WHOF Class 2012
Dr. Carl Soderstrom, Leading Dermatology Expert; STHS Class of 1960;  WHOF Class 2017
Everett Solon, Local Community Bank CEO; Avid Streator Community Supporter and Volunteer; Illinois Valley Community College Board of Trustees Member; Former Streator High School Board of Education Member & President; Streator High School Foundation Treasurer; STHS Class of 1970; WHOF Class 2019
Dr. Gregory Stanton, Acclaimed Genocide Prevention Expert; STHS Class of 1967; WHOF Class 2016
George Tutko, Record Producer; STHS Class of 1971; WHOF Class 2016