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Streator Township

High School

Worthy Hall of Fame

Dr. Worthy Streator Hall of Fame Members (in alphabetical order)

Amy Linton Barklam, Economics Expert in the Global Banking Industry, Diversity in the Workforce Proponent, Leader in Capital Markets, philanthropist. STHS Class of 1990; WHOF Class 2022
Elmer Blasco, "Gold Glove" Creator; STHS Class of 1938; WHOF Class 2016
Burton Baskin, Ice Cream Entrepreneur; STHS Class of 1931; WHOF Class 2012
Dr. Edna Bazik, Educator, Mathematics Curriculum Expert; STHS Class of 1965;  WHOF Class 2017
Kevin Bean, Well-known and respected San Francisco Artist; Lecturer in Painting and Drawing at Stanford University; participant in both solo and group exhibitions; STHS Class of 1975; WHOF Class 2019
Charles Bernardini, Accomplished Chicago lawyer recognized by The Super Lawyers Committee for his outstanding performance; Served as a managing director of The American Chamber of Commerce and as Alderman of the 43rd Ward in Chicago; received the Knight of Order Merit of the Italian Republic, the highest ranking order. STHS Class of 1964. WHOF Class 2020. 
Rev. Mark Brown, Humanitarian and Human Rights Advocate for The Lutheran Church in the Middle East; Member of The Lutheran World Foundation; Faithfulness in Ministry of the Cross awardee in 2008; Senior Advisor for advocacy and fundraising for Middle East/Jerusalem for LWF World Service; STHS Class of 1974; WHOF Class 2019
Lynn Cahill-Masching, First female warden at Dwight Correctional Center; expert in human services and criminology, social justice activist, powerful figure for feminism in the workforce. STHS Class of 1973; WHOF Class of 2022
Kevin Chalfant, Vocal Artist; STHS Class of 1973; WHOF Class 2012
Dr. Susan Cigleman, Respected Physical Therapy expert who served as Academic Dean at AIB College of Business in Des Moines, IA; Served on Commission on Accreditation for Physical Therapy; worked to turn a 2-year college into a 4-year university where students could earn their Bachelor's Degree. STHS Class of 1971; WHOF Class 2021, 
Doug Dieken, NFL Player; STHS Class of 1967; WHOF Class 2012Class
Dan Dobberpuhl, Semiconductor Innovator; STHS Class of 1963; WHOF  2013
Doriot Anthony Dwyer, Boston Symphony Flutist; STHS Class of 1939; WHOF Class 2014
John "Jack" Dzuris, Dedicated Streator Community Supporter, noted Streator Banker and Streator Area Chamber of Commerce Leader, STHS Class of 1963; WHOF Class 2022
Robert O. Endres,  Radio City Hall Projectionist; STHS Class of 1957; WHOF Class 2015
Laura Ettema, USDA Agricultural Products Expert & Inspector; STHS Class of 1984; WHOF Class 2017
Dr. Michael Freehill, Leading Orthopedic Surgeon; STHS Class of 1985; WHOF Class 2018
Dr. Gerald Gutek, Author; Professor Emeritus of educational policy studies, Loyola University, Chicago; STHS Class of 1953; WHOF Class 2019
Dr. Ralph Harbach, Author; Leading research entomologist London Natural History Museum - emphasis - medical entomology of malaria; STHS Class of 1967; WHOF Class 2019 
Bruce Hart, Streator Businessman & Avid Community Supporter; STHS Class of 1956; WHOF Class 2016
Lt. Gen. Richard Henry, Military Commander; STHS Class of 1943; WHOF Class 2013
Nancy Hepner, Educator & Dance Instuctor; STHS Class of 1970; WHOF Class 2013l
Dr. Gerald D. Jaynes, A. Whitney Griswold Professor of Economics, African American and Urban Studies, Yale University; STHS Class of 1965; WHOF Class of 2013
Dr. Jeff Johnson, Noted Dr. of Optometry who also taught ophthalmology at Harvard New England College of Optometry; Later he received his MBA from Northwestern and became a successful businessman who had the honor of ringing the bell at the NYSE.STHS Class of 1990. WHOF Class of 2020.
Dr. William L. Jungers, Author, Professor & Anthropologist; STHS Class of 1966; WHOF Class of 2013
Larry Lampson, Businessman & Philanthropist; STHS Class of 1954; WHOF Class 2016
Aaron Mahnke, Author, Podcaster & Producer of TV Series "Lore"; STHS Class of 1993; WHOF Class 2018
James McMullen, Panther Researcher & Author; STHS Class of 1961; WHOF Class 2012
Dr. Jerry Missel, Psychiatric Specialist & Philanthropist; STHS Class of 1957;  WHOF Class 2018
James Moynihan, Architect; National and International expert on improved job safety and construction risk management; Atlanta youth supporter through philanthropy; STHS Class of 1962; WHOF Class 2019 
Clarence E. Mulford, Hopalong Cassidy Author; STHS Class of 1901; WHOF Class 2012
Dr. Daniel J. Nagle, Orthopedic Surgeon; STHS Class of 1967; WHOF 2012
Jack Noonan, IBM Systems Development and Field Engineer; CEO SPSS, software company specializing in predictive analytics; Advisory Member of Morningstar, Inc.; Philanthropist; STHS Class of 1965; WHOF Class 2019
Tony Obrohta, Musician & Guitarist; STHS Class of 1987; WHOF Class 2012
Richard O'Hara, Military Air Force Navigator, Environmentalist and Natural Resources Expert, Streator Historian and Author; STHS Class of 1966; WHOF Class 2022
CPL Joseph Panno, Community Supporter & Legion of Honor Military Awardee; STHS Class of 1939; WHOF Class 2015
Mark Panno, Former STHS Administrator, Community Volunteer; STHS Foundation Board Member; STHS Class of 1969;  WHOF Class 2018
Edward H. Plumb, Disney Composer and Conductor; STHS Class of 1925; WHOF Class 2012
David Pshak, A gunnery sergeant, he served as chief instructor for the Marine Corps Scout/Sniper Instructor School as well as well as the Small Arms Weapons School; Served in both Operation Desert Storm and Operation Restore Democracy. Worked for the Department of State and became the Chief Firearms Instructor for the Diplomatic Security Service. STHS Class of 1975. WHOF Class 2021.
Julie Ramza, Local Pharmacist, Community Supporter and Volunteer; STHS Class of 1969; WHOF Class 2017
John B. Reynolds, Author; STHS Class of 1972; WHOF Class 2012
Tom Rice, Former Streator Elementary School Band Director, STHS Band Volunteer Director, STHS Class of 1954; WHOF Class 2018
Dr. William C. Schiffbauer, Local Physician, Founder of STHS Scholastic Bowl; Community Supporter; STHS Class of 1943; STHS WHOF Class 2015
Dr. Susan Schmitt, Streator Veterinarian, Streator Community Supporter and Volunteer; STHS Class of 1972; WHOF Class 2017
William Scott, Accomplished musician; founder of The Bill Scott Orchestra, President of the Professional Orchestra Leaders of Chicago; Performed for President Lyndon B. Johnson as well as The Rockefeller family. STHS Class of 1947; WHOF Class of 2021.
Carl W. Soderstrom, Lawyer & Politician; STHS Class of 1932; WHOF Class 2012
Dr. Carl Soderstrom, Leading Dermatology Expert; STHS Class of 1960;  WHOF Class 2017
Everett Solon, Local Community Bank CEO; Avid Streator Community Supporter and Volunteer; Illinois Valley Community College Board of Trustees Member; Former Streator High School Board of Education Member & President; Streator High School Foundation Treasurer; STHS Class of 1970; WHOF Class 2019
Dr. Gregory Stanton, Acclaimed Genocide Prevention Expert; STHS Class of 1967; WHOF Class 2016
George Tutko, Record Producer; STHS Class of 1971; WHOF Class 2016